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(Coming Spring 2018)
Excellent Financial Stewardship

Vance County Schools will be a responsible steward of taxpayer's money while providing the necessary resources to our schools to support our commitment to providing a world-class education, focused on preparing all students for success, life-long learning and living as contributing, productive global citizens.

As part of our strategic plan, we are determining and finalizing the best measures to track and assess our management of our financial resources through transparent, effective, and efficient operational procedures. We will wisely use our financial resources while also pursuing additional sources of revenue and seeking mutually beneficial partnerships to support world-class teaching and learning.

The district will implement internal control procedures to ensure annual (unmodified) audit opinions and exceptional financial stewardship.

VCS Celebrations:

  • The district received a $200,000 Grant from Golden Leaf to support Professional Development
    • 50 teachers in cohort 1
    • 75 participants in cohort 2
  • The district shared in a $1.2 million grant with High Point University to train next generation principals
  • The district received a $950,000 grant from the state to implement Opportunity Culture strategies in the district
    • Successfully launched Opportunity Culture pilots at Aycock, Dabney and Zeb Vance Elementary Schools
    • Pinkston Street, Lelia B. Yancey and E.O. Young Elementary Schools are gearing up
  • The Board of Education completed Master Board Training
  • Nearly 2,500 volunteers supported our schools last year

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